Nuant at a Glance

<aside> 🚀 Traditional finance is getting rusty, it's time to help the old world move to the web3. Nuant is building the financial infrastructure of tomorrow, now!


Nuant, founded in 2021, is a Swiss FinTech company bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3 ecosystem.

We don't predict the future, we build it.

We’re creating tomorrow’s holistic risk management hub for digital asset management today !

Nuant is a pioneering force in the financial technology sector, dedicated to revolutionizing how financial institutions navigate the Digital Asset landscape. Our best in class platform seamlessly integrates advanced portfolio management capabilities and cutting-edge risk management tools, empowering our clients to optimize their operations and capitalize on emerging opportunities in the digital realm.

The Product

The Portfolio Management System bring connectivity to all major crypto Exchanges, Custody and Blockchains in order to aggregate all assets / tokens held into multiple venues. We aim to support multiple asset classes (spot, derivatives, and to connect with the main DeFi protocols).

Business Model

B2B Saas software licensing with a modular approach of services delivered together or combined separately to Hedge Funds, Crypto Funds, VCs, Family Offices or even DAO & Protocols.

Our values

The context